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Tearing Down the Application Development Fortress

A plea for multi-disciplined development teams


Creating applications is a multi-skill effort that comes with a set of challenges. For an average sized application there are 5 skills involved:

  • Graphical design
  • Business analysis
  • Application development
  • Software testing
  • System operations

… not even taken into account other stakeholders like end-users, DBA’s, enterprise architects, security officers, project and program managers, change management, user experience design …

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Azure in Action

Great book and introduction to all aspects of Azure.

“Azure in Action” by Chris Hay and Brian H. Prince covers:

  • What is the cloud platform?
  • What are the different components and roles?
  • How to configure and subscription and the different services?
  • How to code, deploy and run applications?
  • How is Azure storage organized?
  • How to communicate with API’s and messages?