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Hiking in Scotland – UK – September 2009

This year Scotland was the goal of my exploration. It was a mix of hiking on the rigid peaks and sniffing up some culture in the major cities of Scotland. We started in Edinburgh and stayed in Glasgow, Rowardennan, Oban, Fort William, Inverness, Dufftown, Aberdeen, and Pitlochry. Here you see me and Wim during our descend of Ben Lomond. Kristien is taking the photos.



Hiking in National Parks – USA – July 2008

We started our three-week trip in Las Vegas. We made a tour through some national parks to do some hiking. We visited Valey of Fire, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Glen Canyon, Grand Canyon to return to Las Vegas. Then we drove through Death Valey to go to Yesemite and finally we ended up in San-Fransico.



Bouldering in Fontainebleau – France – June 2008

This was my first trip to Fontainebleau. I’m not that experienced in bouldering but I enjoyed Fontainebleau very much. It is one of those sites you must have visited at least once in your lifetime. It is a great environmennt for all kinds of outdoor activities: walking, biking and bouldering.
On the photo you see me in the middle. I went for two days. Unfortunately I sprank my ancle the seconde day.


Skiing in Flaine – France – March 2008

In March I went skiing with some colleagues in Flaine. It is close to Chamonix but less expensive 🙂



Kluis-Hike in St.Joris-Weert – Belgium – December 2007

The Kluis-Hike is a 40 Km long Hike around “De Kluis” translated as “The Vault”. De Kluis is a reserve owned by the BoyScouts movement of Flanders.



Northern Ireland – September – 2007

Clearing my mind while hiking through amazing landscapes



Wales – UK – August – 2007

With a group of eight I hiked through Wales. We got to the top of Snowdonia … but what a miserable wheather!



Skiing in St-Mortiz – Switserland – February 2007

It was a combined trip: saying farewell to the Palace Hotel and to take up skiing again. It was the last holiday before the hotel would be sold by the CM after more then fifty years of organised youth health vacations. A rough estimation says that about 1 million childeren spent their holidays in Maloja since 1947. Got used to carve-ski-s after having not skied for more then 20 years.



South-Africa – October – 2007

South Africa left marks on my soul. The country is one of all extremes mixed together: very poor but very happy people, rich guys that can’t even stand there neighbors living 25 miles away, devastating conditions in the townships and amazing landscapes and wildlife.



Republic of Ireland – September – 2006

I felt in love with Ireland: beautiful nature, friendly people, bewildering ancient monuments all on one Island



New-Foundland – Canada – July – 2005

Soon more details abouts this trip: the old website you can find.



Winterhike in Hoge Venen – Belgium – 2004

A hike through one of Belgian’s mose beautifull places: the “Hoge Venen” in the Ardennes.



Winterhike in Vielsalm – Belgium – February 2004

We have a yearly tradition to go on “vriesweekend” translated as “frost weekend” with a group of guys in winter. We spend to whole weekend around Vielsalm, in the Belgian Ardennes, near the highest point of Belgium “Signal de Botrange”. Basically the weekend looks like this: we arive, we hike, we eat, we sleep (and drink most of the time to much), we hike and we go home.



Nighthike The Mission – Belgium – February 2004

The Mission is an orientation run held during the night.


Nighthike The Mission – Belgium – February 2003

The Mission is an orientation run held during the night.


Hiking in Switserland – Grimentz – July – 2003

Starting in Grimentz we hiked through the Alpes for three days. First stop was Cabane de Moiry and the second was Cabanr Becs De Bosson. On Other days we topped thr Ayer and walked via la Brinta to the top of Roc d’Orzival.



Sailing on the Waddenzee – The Netherlands – July – 2002<

I sailed on the Waddenzee in The Netherlands. The trip started in Den Oever on a vessal called “De Gauwzee”. We docked in Medemblik, Lemmer, Harlingen, Tessel and back in Den Oever



Nighthike The Mission – Belgium – February 2001

a href=”http://www.themission.be/”>The Mission is an orientation run held during the night.



Switserland – Chandolin – August – 2001

A three day hike took us from Valais to Cabane Grand Mountet and further to Cabana de Tracuit. On other days I walked to Pas De l’Illsee and Bella Tolla.



Winter Expedition – Matila – Sweden – February 2001

Still youg and crazy I went to Sweden for hike in the winter in -25 degrees Celcius temperatures. We camped in summer cabines and after a whole night of continuous fire in the fire places it was 0 degrees inside. The only difference between in- and outside was that inside it was less windy and cold. You even had to keep your jacket on insides because it was just plain to cold without it.



Hiking in Switserland – Maloja – August – 2000

This hike, in total three days, tookq us from Maloja to the Cabana De Forno. On the second day we topped the Monto Rosso and on the third day way walked all the way back to Maloja.



Outdoor sporting in Comblain-Fairon – Belgium – Switserland – July – 1999

Kayaking from Hamoir to Comblain-au-Pont followed by a day hike from Comblain-Fairon to Les Hayetttes and back and finishing with a mounting bike trip from Comblain-Fairon to Hamoir. The mountain bike experience realy finished me off because I dislocated my shoulder during nasty fall.


Hiking in Schwarzsee – Switserland – August – 1998

Two day hike from Schwarzsee to Cabane Hohberg over the Kaiseregg. In a one day hike we also visited the Chamois Chamber which is a valey filled with Chamois


Nieuwpoort – Belgium – July – 1998

I stayed 14 days on this converted cargo ship. Did some kajaking on the Yzer to Disksmuide, orientation run to Veurne, took the channel to Plassedale and in-line skated to Brugge, … We vistied the Ijzer tower peace monument in Diksmuide.


>Hiking from Leysin to Finhaut – Switserland – August – 1997

A ten-day hike irom Leysin to Finhaut:

  • Leysin – Cabane des Diablerets
  • Cabane des Diablerets – Auberge de Godet
  • Auberge de Godet – Cabane Rambert
  • Cabane Rambert – Cabane de Sorniot
  • Cabane de Sorniot – Auberge de la Cruesaz
  • Auberge de la Cruesaz – Cabana de Susanfe
  • Cabana de Susanfe – Auberge de Salafe
  • Auberge de Salafe – Auberge barrage d’Emosson
  • Auberge barrage d’Emosson – Finhaut

Hiking in Silvretta Massif – Switserland – July – 1996

A ten-day hike in the Silvretta Massif:

  • St.Moritz – Tuoihütte
  • Tuoihütte – Wiesbadenerhütte
  • Wiesbadenerhütte – Silvrettahaus
  • Silvrettahaus – Saarbrückerhütte
  • Saarbrückerhütte – Wiesbadenerhütte
  • Wiesbadenerhütte – Jamtalhütte
  • Jamtalhütte – Heidelberghütte
  • Heidelberghütte – Chamanna Naluns
  • Chamanna Naluns – St.Moritz
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