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AI Revolution – Thoughts on Superintelligence

In 2015 Tim Urban wrote a set of two articles on AI revolution that made me scared and humble at the same time. Will we keep the top position on the intelligence ladder or will we be surpassed by AI one day? If AI surpasses us will it be a kind God?

Some critical questions Urban answers:

  • Human evolution keeps on accelerating. Will we accelerate beyond a point we redefine what it is to be human?
  • AI is evolving fast from Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), over General Intelligence (AGI) but will it reach Supper Intelligence (ASI)
  • Singularity is coming soon reaching AGI but will it stop there or go into ASI and surpass human capabilities?
  • AI has no biological limitations! Will it make humans extinct or will it help us to get to immortality?

A summary of the articles: