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Innovating is not Easy, Preparation is Key!

Four reasons why innovation fail!

No Execution Power:

  • Execute ideas, do not just gather ideas!
  • Not only brainstorm on ideas but being empowered to realize ideas!

Missing Institutionalization of Innovation

  • If we are working 9:00 – 19:00 at the client, when are we going to innovate?
  • Make innovation part of the yearly business cycle: marketing – sales – finance!
  • If people only can work on the short term performance there will be no attention to the long term innovation?

No Continuous Innovation Process:

  • Not invented here syndrome: innovation often forgets to look from outside-in to apply insights from the outside!
  • Speed and momentum are important: hackathons, innovation Fridays … focus on less ideas but realize them and expand when maturity is reached!

Missing Flexibility for Innovation:

  • Unpredictability means nobody can’t predict the outcome. Sometimes great ideas lead to bad or unexpected results!
  • Be able to deal with continuous change. Being able to let go and not want to control everything. Pivot to the next thing!