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Architecting the Internet of Things

Some highlights from the “Architecting the Internet of Things” by Dieter Uckelmann et al.

IOT requires an open, scalable, secured and standardized infrastructure to allow for person to object and object to object communication. As the cost of infrastructure goes down the amount events that can be tracked through sensor data will increase resulting in deep immerging of technologies in our day to day live.

IOT evolved and is evolving:

  1. Intranet of things
  2. Extranet of things
  3. Internet of things
  4. Internet of things and people

How to create web 2.0 or the social web? It is al about sharing: sharing becomes the norm. The financial and non-financial incentives of sharing according to the laws of information:

  • Information can be shared with other without it losing its vale.
  • The value of information increases with it use. Unused information does not provide any value.
  • Information is perishable and the value decreasing over time.
  • The value of information increase with its accuracy.
  • The value of information increase with it is combined with other information.
  • More information is not necessary better. Relevant information is.
  • Information is not depletable.