Platform Recolution

The War on Eco-Systems and Platforms!

Whilst researching the structure, organization and benefits of business eco-systems, I came across two great books that I used as reference to create a POC for dynamic contracts:

  • Platform Revolution by Jeremy G. Philips
  • Platform Scale by Sangeet P. Choudary
  • Platform Ecosystems by Amrit Tiwana
Platform Recolution Platform Scale Platform Ecosystems

For the research I looked first into:

  • The value proposition of eco-systems
  • The opportunities and evolution of eco-systems
  • The building blocks to create eco-systems            

These all can be visualized by Platform Canvas Model i.e. a business model canvas for eco-systems.

A second part is on:

  • Eco-systems barriers and challenges
  • Where is the money or revenue in eco-systems

Finally we dive into:

  • The high-level architecture
  • The required micro-services and API’s
  • Business process overview and an architecture for dynamic contracts

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