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Introduction to Microsoft Hololens


As with  all new technologies the question is often “if” and “when” to use to avoid answering the wrong question: “Technology is searching for a problem to solve” instead of “Problem was solved by applying a suitable technology”.

In this introduction presentation I focus first on explaining what Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) is. Next we zoom in on the Microsoft HoloLens device and how it can be used in some canonical use cases. To conclude some attention is paid to the development aspects of HoloLens applications and the toos involved.

Presentation’s content:

  • Virtual Reality and HoloLens
    • Defining Virtual Reality
    • HoloLens Device Overview
    • HoloLens Holographic Principles
  • Demo 1
  • Using HoloLens
    • HoloLens Use Cases
    • HoloLens Team Collaboration
  • Demo 2
  • Developing for HoloLens
    • Development Teams
    • Development Tools
  • Q&A and Hands-On

Download the presentation: