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Microsoft’s focus on being responsible, secure and ethical. MS Build 2018.

Key-Note By Satya Nadella

The keynote of Satya was organized around two topics: opportunities and responsibilities.

It seems Microsoft paid attention to recent comments on Artificial Intelligent sometimes referred to by “death by robot” or “the age of robots”. Also the GDPR was put in the right perspective.

Responsibility will be organized around 3 pillars. First there is privacy and a statement that Microsoft would only use data when the users benefits from it and allowing the user to keep control. Microsoft will even go so far as to defend any privacy violation before the supreme court.

Cyber security is the second pillar. It will require collaboration across the tech sector. Since current attacks might have affected democracy Satya mentioned the need for a digital Geneva convention. Attacking systems in the heart of the democracy could be seen as an act of war.

The third pillar of responsibility is ethical AI. We must not think about what a computer can do but we should think about what a computer should do. AI benefits from cross company data for example machine learning benefits from broad datasets. AI can become more intelligent if we could combine data cross companies. But this should not come at the cost of privacy. Private AI is the answer where data is shared but kept secure so the privacy of the users is guaranteed. Solutions like homographic security are key.

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