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From Cyber-Security to Digital Resilience

A paper on the relationship between Digital Resilience and Cyber-Security

Digital Resilience (DR) has become more important as our typical usage of digital systems has changed. The increased interconnection of systems to provide the same functionality compared to the previous monolithic systems architectures, made digital systems more complex.

Because of these evolutions, IT technology deepened and widened its impact on strategic, tactical and operational company processes. It also meant that traditional rigid approaches to cybersecurity are not sufficient anymore.

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GDPR, Europe’s Vision on Data Privacy!

GDPR Europe

Doing some literature research, I created a presentation on GDPR based on information of the European Commission. Using information from Microsoft, there is an overview on the impact of GDPR on its technology stack and the level of GDPR compliance.


  • What is GDPR?
  • Why GDPR?
  • GDPR addresses what?
  • What must a company do?
  • Impact?
  • GDPR in practice!
  • Additional Information Resources